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KEARA & PAUSE Pop-up in Amsterdam

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Since the brand’s launch, KEARA bags have taken centre-stage at many fashion boutiques and events. Recently, from December 16th to December 18th, the KEARA collection was featured at the PAUSE Pop-Up in Amsterdam, Netherlands. PAUSE is a collaborative pop-up fashion event spotlighting the work of top independent designers from around the globe. The project aims to create a dynamic experience that invites its guest to rethink the impact of his or her consumer habits. Thus is its namesake PAUSE - to pause and think, to pause and play, to pause and express, to pause and appreciate, to pause and share. KEARA was proud to be amongst the fashion displayed as sustainable alternatives to “big name” labels.

You can view the video re-cap of the event right here:

 Here are three ways in which KEARA embodies the values of PAUSE:

  1. PAUSE & Reflect: KEARA bags are made with care from the design conception to the finished piece. The team reflects on its ethical duty as a globally-influenced fashion brand, and sees through the construction process with the highest level of integrity. KEARA also reflects on the cultures from which the brand draws inspiration and determines how to best integrate those elements into the design.
  2. PAUSE & Learn: One of the long-term goals of the brand is to train more artisans to create the high-quality bags that KEARA is known for. We hope that these new artisans will gain craftsmanship skills that will enrich their lives and their communities. They will be contributing to the global fashion industry.
  3. PAUSE & Express: To positive reception, KEARA was amongst the visionary brands showcased at the PAUSE Pop-Up. KEARA bags not only express the sustainable fashion goals of the organisation, but they also express a rich cultural dialogue woven into the globally-sourced materials. KEARA bags help their wearers to express themselves, too, by offering a vibrant alternatives to cliche handbag design.

View the PAUSE interview with KEARA's founder here.

PAUSE works closely with the Fashion Revolution movement that builds on brands that embody sustainable fashion, in line with the values of KEARA. Independent designers, such as Adriana Valcarce for KEARA, are encouraged to embrace ethical manufacturing in their design process. All of KEARA’s bags are handcrafted by professional artisans in Senegal, who are given the opportunity to "build a more promising future" as founder Adriana says. They use internationally imported materials from Bolivia, Morocco, Ethiopia, Italy, and the United States. The final product is a magnificent fusion of Andean and Senegalese cultures that achieves the goals of sustainable fashion. To experience the quality of KEARA bags yourself, visit the 3rd edition of PAUSE Pop-Up in Amsterdam on March 30 to April 2, in which the KEARA brand will again be presented.

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